Reciting from my book, Through My Eyes at book launch.

Cellists at the Pandora's Collective Awards. CBC Studio, Vancouver

Bernice reciting at North Vancouver Cultural Days.

Hallowe'en recital at Poetic Justice.

North Vancouver Cultural Days. Co-hosted by Una and Deborah. Summer 2015.

L to R: Eva, Deborah (Host), Raoul

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

L/ R: Celeste S. and Sylvia T., Features

Centre: Candice James, Host

Poet Laureate New Westminster

North Vancouver Cultural Days

L to R: Janet;  Jaz; Sonya; Deborah

at Poetic Justice

Reciting my award winning poem, Voices of Nature, at the Rabindranath Tagore Festival in Vancouver.

Poetic Justice, Feature, Eva W.

North Vancouver Cultural Days

L to R: Lilija; Candice James, Poets Laureate of New Westminster, BC, Canada, Poet, Artist and so much more!; Deborah at Poetic Justice

Reciting at WIN summer poetry recital, 2014.

Ashok Bhargava, President & Founder, Writer's International Network (WIN); Deborah

L to R: Sherry; Deborah Previewing my second book, "Spirit'Song"   Xpresspublications, India, 2015

Poetic Justice, Feature, Raoul F.

Deborah with Prasanta at Through My Eyes launch.

North Vancouver Cultural Days

John Braithwaite Community Centre

Deborah and Ashok at the Through My Eyes book launch, April 2015, at the Heritage Grill.

Busy Making Memories

Pandora's Collective Awards,  CBC Studio


North Vancouver Cultural Days, Summer 2015

John Braithwaite Community Centre

Royal City Literary Arts Society, Write-On Contest, 2014, Deborah MC's the Awards and readings of winning works.

L to R: Janet, Deborah, Candice

Book Launch, Through My Eyes

Silver Bow Publishing, 2015

Deborah with her cousin, Vennessa, at the Heritage Grill. Book launch by Silver Bow Publishing

Me and my Purple Poet Sistah, Janet

L to R: Ashok, Deborah, Janet, Ken

Poetry Recital

L to R: Janet, Lara, Deborah

"Pyjama Party at Poetic Justice2015