Deborah L. Kelly - Poet/Artist

Recently I learned a new type of poetry, called "Alphabet Poetry,"  or "ABC," poem. I did some research and have found that there are many different ways to write this type of verse. I was at a recital a couple of weeks ago, where the Feature poet recited a form that I have since taken a stab at. It is, I would say after researching, one of the most complex forms of ABC poetry. I brought the idea of it home with me ~ fed it to my autoservomechanism, (subconscious) and then let it simmer for about a week or so. It is a form of acrostic poetry. A - Z must be utilized in order. I have chosen to write the style I watched recited, 8 lines per verse, each line must start with a x8, bx8, etc., so that the end result is an epic piece of 26 verses of 8 lines each ... each of the 8 lines beginning with the letter. It's most definitely a challenge to write, but I am pleased with the finished product. For the letters X and Z, I must say, I did have to look up lists of words, the meaning, and then try it from there. Those were the hardest two letters to write. You must use 8 words beginning with x and then 8 beginning with z...whew. Took awhile. Below is the finished product.

An Alphabet Of Random Thoughts

I - A
Ageing mortals weep through their pain.
Always dreaming;
always hoping for love.
Alas, we are bone, blood; sinew moulded,
all done to create hope for humanity.
All of us continue as we must.
After all, we return to dust and ashes,
and our dreams go with us to the grave.

II – B

Because mortality is temporary;
blown into bits and pieces of our dysfunction;
behind walls made of blood and bone we hide,
bottled up on the shelf of our memories.
Borrowed time; bleeding hearts
burn in the fires of longing;
burned out by the winds of time
because we are afraid to feel.


Callous disregard for our needs;
care and compassion have been left behind.
Carnal desires rest in the slumber of night dreams.
Cold wind blows through the heart;
casual tears fool the others; hollow.
Call of soul; ignored for the prize:
cash, cars, computers; all distracting us.
Could we live eternally were it not for our sins?

IV – D

Dying is not difficult.
Despondent in the darkness that pervades;
do we give up, throwing hope to the wayside?
Days go by, and our Faith dies before it lives.
Darkness holds us hostage.
Dear to us once was our freedom;
done now, as we walk away from self;
dying, all the while, inside our dreams.

V – E

Everywhere there are tears and sorrow.
Eyes leak stardust; showering arid heart.
Elongated sorrow; buried grief.
Elation visits. Could it be real?
Eyes look to the light in awe.
Evergreen dream; surreal gleam of peace
eats at the packaging in which it is wrapped;
ever fleeting, never seeing life.

VI – F

For hope has long since left most.
Fields of love and lavender lie before us.
Frolicking in the sun; once meant joy.
Feeling emotion; once meant laughter.
For all of humanity, insanity threatens existence.
Freedom; can we break the chains?
Forever hearts become lost;
frost covers the Sage's word.


Go forth; find the hope lost.
Great rewards; were they worth the cost?
Gluttonous feral mortals carry us all to the brink.
Gargantuan dreams carry the shadow of loss.
Gold is not important to those in reverie.
Guarding the temple doors; no Faith here anymore.
Gone now; blown wildly to the four winds.
Grave sites litter this land.


How did we end up here?
Holidays no longer matter as we climb the ladder,
hoping to glean a little esteem for our lacking store.
Hate does not live here anymore.
Hold onto your soul; it is whole.
Hold onto your Faith; it will open the gate to bliss.
Have you loved without condition?
Human heart is filled with contrition.

IX – I

Idolatry languishes in the gutter.
Indigenous lands of sacred rite,
in stealth; they are stolen.
Irritants will never heal
isolation of the meek.
In solitude, still those who seek
innocence, flee from the mighty.
Insubordination has become rampant in all lands.

X - J

Just because we are human;
just because we cry; does not mean
jaded eyes will shed no tears.
Just as we feel; so they feel.
Justified in their thievery, they pay no heed.
Judiciary favours bought; blind aversion to fact.
Jettisoned into illusion we walk blindly.
Justice is two-tiered; poverty means, none.

XI – K

Kaleidoscope of inner colour,
krafted by hearts that still care.
Kindred souls find one another in betwen
kindness and warmth.
Kicking as they go down; capitalist
kills his own brother; the greed has bled over.
Kudos to those who remain standing,
knowing now, the killing is finally done.


Love is the answer to healing.
Languishing souls no longer believe in magic.
Lost in their regrets, they fade.
Lost is all semblance of the sacred.

Lording over others their power;
leeches never let go.
Larger than life their darkness;
longing to cleanse it from the soul.


Magic lives here; let us revere its soothing light.
Moreover, the air is no longer clean to breathe.
Midnight comes swiftly to the ignorant;
morning comes gently to the kind,
Magpies and blue jays fly through my mind.
Maybe we'll make it, time is the clock that will tell.
Maybe, just maybe, we will turn things around,
making a new world from the dust of the old.


No one is exempt, for we are all mortal.
No one looses, save those with the power.
Never lay down ~ never stifle your voice!
Never believe that you don't have a choice.
Never give up; never give in.
Never believe that love is a sin.
Nothing can bring Truth to the lies they tell,
not even pennies from their wishing wells.

XV – O

Open the doors, let in the fresh breeze.
Open your heart and fall to your knees in thanks.
Overtures of cosmic symphony can still be found
over the trees, deep in earth's ground.
Oldness of age brings wisdom needed;
oneness of heart; a new earth will be seeded
of perfume and flowers. Beauty will fill
old hearts with new hope; we will continue to sing.


Perspective is important,
priming the collective consciousness for healing.
Pollution of dark thought must vacate
people's minds in order to
provide the proper spiritual
perfection required to move forward.
Progress made of spiritual evolution
paints the way to higher vibration.


Quietude through the haste of
quick decisions and random thoughts.
Quarried fears no longer hold power,
quite adequately conserving mortal sanity.
Quintessence composes every element of
quiet thought and creative unity.
Query those things offered;
quick to asses the spirit of their giving.


Regardless of what we believe;
regardless of the illusions we create,
rocks will crumble; seas will
rise, flowing swiftly in their destruction.
Raging Mother earth remembers
reckless travesties perpetrated upon her;
ripping and tearing her skin ~ without consent!
Regardless of what you do, I will survive.”


Stately in her vengeance, still
sorrow fills her aching heart.
Smiles and laughter; stolen,
Softness and empathy weeping,
slowly still the heart of the Mother's anguish.
Stand against the shadow;
stand and banish this bane of humanity which
salts the earth from the droppings of evil's passing,

XX – T

Temptation is to be ignored;
torturing ourselves with our desires.
Take the time to guard your soul.
Take time to breathe in love.
Tell your tales with a touch of mirth, always.
Turn around in the sea of life to view
turbulence left in the wake of your movement
through the deep marrow of soul.


Understanding is the most important ingredient.
Undulating rhythms flow through your heart.
Use knowledge gained to grow in the light,
under blue sky; see the peace you know is there.
Upon the horizons of our future let us learn to
undo the damage we have done.
Usher in a new age of brilliance
under a canopy of a love that is more alive.


Voracious appetite to fill the spirit with manna
vaults higher than the reach of man.
Visiting other realms we
view a magnificent, living earth;
vast ~ as far as mortal eye can see; then further.
Voluptuous trees of spring blossom heavy with
varied fruits, edible by mortal souls.
Vying; bargaining with Heaven for our share.


Wonder and magic surround us all.
With the help of inner guidance,
wisdom will lead us to the replenishing
well of existence, that we may fill our vessel
with the healing salve of divinity.
Who among us does not share this wish?
Who among us knows what the future is?
Who among us, can sing universal song?


'Xistence is not guaranteed for any.
Xylotmy gives us knowledge of nature;
xenmorphic death of crystal; unbeknownst
xanathin fades and depletes the flower.
Xyst stands against nature; shelter from the elements.
Xerosis dulls our eyes; we do not see as clearly
xygots in a misplaced society.
Xerarch lives in all; future generations now promised,


Yesterday is of no importance; save lessons learned.
Youth fades as we move on in our mortality to
years which slow us in our rush to immortality.
Yantra permeates divinity,
yet we meditate to the silence of cosmos;
yielding peace within the deepest places,
yet to be discovered within ourselves as we
yearn to heal life's heartbreak.


Zany as we many sometimes become,
zealots must be defused ~ or destruction; inevitable,
Zymogen becomes active again in mortal man.
Zephyrs warmth stirs the air around us;
zoic in our existence; no two of us the same.
Zoma, disappearing from our procreation.
Zouk moves through us as we stand and sway;
zither, playing to the cosmic chorus of Angels.