Recital: Borrowed Grace &

We'll Water The Flowers

Poetic Justice, January 2014

Recital at Poetry New West

Of The Night

Royal City Literary Arts Society

Christmas, 2013, Open Mic

Let's Do It For The Children

Heartworks Book Launch

Holy Wow Poets

Maple Ridge, BC

"The Gift of Wisdom"

Heartworks Book Launch.
Holy Wow Poets
Maple Ridge, BC

"Evolution Revolution

Recital at Poetic Justice

Winged Messenger & Mother of Dreams

Reciting Bridge to Freedom,RCLAS AGM, 2013

New Westminster Public Library

Recital at Poetry New West ~ Land Of A Lover's Dream and My Wandering Muse

Artist/Poet Extravaganza, Holy Wow Poets, Maple Ridge

Act Theatre

My poem: After The Rain

Interpreted and painted by Artist, Jamie Strachan

Reciting A Pittance From Each;A Fortune For All and The Passing (for Colin) at

Poetic Justice, 2013

Recital at Poetic Justice

He Bows In Reverence