Royal City Poets Anthology, 2013

My poems included:

I Will; God Bess The Sun; I Will...

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"Cry of Humanity" Book Launch

Heritage Grill, New Westminster


Royal City Poets Anthology, 2014

My poems included:

Dying To Live; Through My Eyes; No Comparison

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Review of Heartworks

Jonina Kirton, Author, page as bone ~ ink as blood

"With her words Deborah seeks to remind us "The evolution revolution will not be televised";  that peace begins within. It is an inside job. These prayer-poems encourage us to live from our hearts and to get more comfortable with our destiny or place in this world."

Poetic Symphonies Anthology

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CRY OF HUMANITY  by Deborah L. Kelly
A book of poetry


Just the The Table of Contents sounds enticing. From the opening poems, “The Court Jester” and “Birth of Evil,” you know you are in for a thrilling read. The Peace Trilogy and the Seven Faces of Darkness promise stimulating thought.

Take the poem “Evil Was Born.” This iconoclastic poet offers a different take on the subject. Rather than following the traditional “blame evil on Eve,” she writes:

Adam bit into the apple

and evil was born.

“Wounded Soul” is a hopeful plea for a better mankind.

“Dreams Are Not Allowed” is a powerful comparison of the haves and the displaced.

“A Word of Kindness” reveals the kind soul of the writer.

“Rivers of Blood” conjures

“…haunting visions of those
who seemingly had no role
but to die.” 

And she reveals her compassion.

Miss Kelly lures our imagination like a temptress and offers unforgettable images, such as:

“The curtains on life’s windows are frayed and tattered.”

It gives you a chill.

She takes us to task in “Do It Now,” before we destroy our own world.

 And I dare you not to feel the pain when you read “Graveyard Love.”

Such is the powerful poetry of one Deborah L. Kelly. Well worth the read.

If she is our conscience, heed her words.                                                    

Gentle soul; stern, but necessary words.

“On the Street” wrenches at your heart, especially as there is rhyme in the echoes of a

“troubador folk song” style poem.    

A pining plea and optimistic hope for peace; that is what calls out in such poems as “There Shall Be Peace.” You can’t help but cheer her on and join her in her literary walk for ending dissention   and war; such a necessary walk.

She writes in the modern style, and with an occasional traditional rhyme scheme with flashes of great phraseology:

            “…to see the Truth beyond the evil…”

 And she asks hard questions of us

Will we take the road to peace?

She writes with precision, sometimes not obvious, as in “Jaded Eyes.” Check the construction that carries the passion, the haunting.

Read the powerful “Play Your Own Warped Games,” delivered in bang-bang rhyming couplets and KNOW that Miss Kelly has hit her target.

Perhaps central to Miss Kelly’s theme is her Freedom Song with her plea:

“Join hands all spirits around this globe,
spiritual vision sees divinity told.
Deep down is courage, brave and strong ~
rise up and join in our Freedom Song!”

In these troubled times, we need strong voices for peace, for without it, life is intolerable.

Deborah Kelly is such a voice.

H. W. Bryce, BA, former journalist, editor, teacher, published in anthologies and judge at 6th Rabindrinath Tagore Award International English Poetry Competition – 2017.

Heartworks Book Launch & Signing
Holy Wow Poets, Act Theatre
Maple Ridge

"Evolution Revolution"

Deborah's fourth book,

Cry of Humanity,

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New Westminster, BC

Review of Heartworks

Candice James, Poet Laureate, New Westminster, BC

"Deborah Kelly is one of those rare human beings that has a foothold both in this world and in the dimension of Spirit. Her spiritual pulse beats gently throughout this collection of poems which is a tender salve for the soul."

Through My Eyes - Reviews

Review by W. Ruth Kozak, Author, Shadow of the Lion

As I listened to Deborah L. Kelly read at the launch of her new collection of poems Through My Eyes, it was clear to me that the poet has a close association with her Creator.  In fact, it was commented later that these poems could be read as part of a liturgy at a church service. Reading through this sensitive, beautiful collection, I felt the poet’s close association with nature and Mother Earth.

Each poem is like a hymn transporting the reader to quiet, serene scenes in forest glades, surrounded with ‘the quiet of the night, velvet blue ‘on white of moon,’ transporting us on wings of angels and eagles. In “Peacock Feathers, Crystal Wings” we fly on wings of crystal, a tiny hummingbird. The title poem “Through My Eyes” is particularly poignant; a beautiful tribute to the poet’s dying mother. ‘I have touched your brow as you suffered, placed my kisses upon your cheek as I bent to whisper in your ear, “I love you, mom, now, forever and always.”  For anyone who has lost a loved one this is sure to bring tears to your eyes, just as it did to mine.

Deborah L. Kelly’s poems are tender and spiritual, and clearly demonstrate the healing power of poetry.

Review by Margo Prentice, Poet/Comedian

Passionate and spiritual the visual landscapes reveal the ugliness of pain and its infliction on each other and our mother earth. This is what Deborah Kelly shows us in her book of poems, “Through My Eyes. All is there for the reader to see and feel on a deep level that sinks into our being like warm water into dry soil. There is nourishment for our psyche from her words; they also give freedom and hope.  In her poems nature is a strong liberating spiritual force and we begin to realize the oneness of us all with our Mother Nature. In her, “Skagit’s Splendour,” “sounds of the wilderness soothe me, while breezes of June cleanse away the wrinkles of time.” There is a healing power in her words I look forward to her next book. Congratulations Deborah on a job so beautifully done.

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"There Shall Be Peace"

Heavenly HymnsAnthology

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Review of Heartworks

W. Ruth Kozak, Author, Shadow of the Lion

"The spirituality of the poet is conveyed in this collection of poetry. Her caring and tenderness are sprinkled throughout this collection. As in Recipe for Love she has stirred in kindness, understanding  “and an over-flowing cup of honesty.” Love, tenderness, magic, dreams are the themes woven into this tapestry. There is a tinge of humor too, in poems like Give Me a Man “who thinks little is cute, not some shallow soul in a fancy suit”.

Deborah L. Kelly is a gentle, loving soul, indeed a Star Traveller aware and open to embracing the magic of life - “a pure heart, flying free”. Thank you, Deborah, for sharing these inspiring, poetic words of wisdom."

Royal City Poets Anthology, 2015

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Deborah L. Kelly - Poet/Artist

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Heartworks Book Launch & Signing
Holy Wow Poets, Act Theatre
Maple Ridge

"Edge of Time"

Heartworks Book Launch & Signing

Holy Wow Poets, Act Theatre

Maple Ridge

"The Gift of Wisdom"

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