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© Mountain Rose  Deborah L. Kelly

Pour Painting, Acrylic with

Acrylic glitter Highlights

Not available

Acrylic with accents ... metallic, chrome, glitter and baubles. :)

"Night Sky"


Unfortunately, I cannot seem to stand this one up. The butterfly should be on the left side of the painting when standing properly;. crylic on canvas, glitter highlights, glazed. Size:  8 x 10

"Butterfly Blue"


.8 x 10, Acrylic on canvas, glitter highlights, various different types of acrylics with effects, i.e. high gloss, metallic, chrome, etc., glaze finish.

"Spirit Rising"



Through plexis core
forevermore, symbols
point the way ~ the only
course to find the balance
is to hit it, so to speak,
head on ~ bullseye!

Various types of acrylic. 12 x 14

"Crystal Sea"


Various types of acrylic with glitter. 10 x 12



Sea Dragon

A mighty roar rises
up from the deep.
Living fire finds its way
through coral and current
to greet mirrored
reflection of sun’s surface.
In the stardust of morning
sunrays, beaming
distorted into the depths;
all is afire with the light
of imagination.

Pour Painting © Tangerine Dream

Acrylic on Canvas with Acrylic

Glitter Highlight  - SOLD

The Lion & The Lamb

Glitter, Hi-Gloss, matte, Metallic acrylic on 6 x 8 thin canvas.

$20.00 (Unframed)

$25.00 (Framed)

© Sea Dragon © Deborah L. Kelly

Pour Painting, Acrylic with

glitter Highlight.

Bullseye © Deborah L. Kelly

© Transcendance Deborah L. Kelly

Markers - Mandalas mounted on Canvas

Acrylic Glitter Highlight added- glazed.

Not Available