FIRST  PLACE Award Winner

Vancouver Tagore Society, 2018

Award winning work:

The Three Flames

© Deborah L. Kelly

I sometimes wonder, if Elpis,

the Spirit of Hope, had not made

the decision to hide under the lip

of the jar when all else fled, 

would we, today, live in a world

bereft of Hope?

  • We must thank him for keeping the last, and most important flame alive.

I grew up and was taught the flame

of Hope is eternal; let us pray,

it is never extinguished.

If the flame of Love burns out,

we are still left with the Faith 

and Hope it will once again burn.

Should the flames of Faith and Love together,

perish, we are still left with Hope;

the flames of each shall be reignited

from the remaining flame,

to continue burning.

  • Hope extinguished, would mean the end of all things alive and beautiful..

Hope extinguished is the beginning

of darkness; a darkness so dense and all

encompassing, to relight the flame

of Hope would not be possible;

for now, all the flames have perished.

  • When all ceases, the flame of Hope, the last of the three flames, sputters; goes out.
    • We must  never allow this to happen; even a spark still burns.